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Planning A Vacation? Avail The Best Holiday Deal!

The time has come for you to put your plans into action and book yourself that dream holiday! Flights, hotels, destination and most importantly budget considerations are all points you’re considering. You’re probably looking up hotels such as clc world travel centre hoping to chance upon a good deal. You want it to work for you and not be a wet blanket of an experience. You’re waiting to post pictures on Facebook or Instagram and even some funny ones on say But first things first, to set the ball in motion – booking. Here are some tips from the travel industry experts and frequent travelers.

1. Book early – the earlier you book the better it is on your pocket and you become eligible for those early-bird special prices. To book a year earlier is ideal. 2. Deals – there aren’t too many of those ‘what a steal’ sort of deals today because the hotels already anticipate the numbers and pre-book the number of rooms. But some small groups of 10 to 12 may find deals as late as two months prior just because they are the right number to fill in vacant spots. Be alert and book very well in advance if you’re vacationing around Christmas or New Year’s. 3. Cheapest time of the year to book flights– November, December for the coming year but before the Christmas and New Year rush. For cheapest flights try mid-week, from say Tuesday through Thursday and early morning flights. 4. If you want to get some summer sun expect to get discounts only if you book early. Some destinations like Greece, Morocco etc are very popular among tourists, so expect heavy rush – the earlier you book the better it is. 5. While you may not get deals as your holiday time gets closer, you can always try booking on the previous day. You might be in luck because hotels would rather give their rooms away at a cheap pricing than let it go waste! 6. If you wish to take a holiday in the Caribbean the best time for deals are in the months of May and September. 7. USA – for the best deals to holiday in the US, try the months of January and February. This is when airlines release their special offers. Especially for the US, it does not get cheaper on the previous day or for last minute bookings. The closer you approach to your holiday, the higher the prices. If its not for a long vacation but specific for a week or two, try package deals. 8. For tropical climate in Asia the best months for great deals are May, June and October. August through July tend to be very expensive.

Besides these keep track by visiting websites of your favorite holiday destinations, airline and hotels. Sign up for their newsletters and alerts on deals and cheap fares. Do visit travel portals and read up about the latest feedback from people visiting the destination you had in mind for your next vacation. You get a fair idea of what works best for you! Happy holidaying!